Anupamsuperstore Self Healing Craft Cutting Mat A4

Sale priceRs. 175.00


• This is used for cutting fabrics, paper etc., in activities like quilting and craft.
• It has an one side measuring grid. .
• Do not apply too much pressure as deep cuts on the mat will not likely heal. Store flat and do not fold.
• Self Healing Material-This cutting mat is made of high quality PVC. It will self heal even after repeated cuts.
• Protect the Blade and Table Surface Well-The cutting mat will protect your cutting tools. It also protects the table surface from scratches by sharp tools or stains by glue and paint.
• No Measuring Tools Needed-It can make cutting more convenient and smooth. You can easily cut straight lines on the cutting board without using a ruler. Different angles 30°/45°/60°and 90°are shown on the mat to help with your work.
• Multi-Function-Suitable for all kinds of writing, craft paper carving, negative film cutting, model playing tools, and also can be used as desktop and mouse pads.

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