Arfina Artists Fixative Spray

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• A colourless finish for use on pastel, charcoal, pencil and chalk drawings.
• Protection solution for all the dry drawing mediums
• Arfina Fixative Spray is a much needed protection solution for all the dry drawing mediums.
• Suitable for a variety of mediums like soft/ dry pastels, conte, art chalk, charcoal, oil pastels, pencils, crayons, etc.
• The Arfina Fixative will form a transparent non-removable protective film on the surface after drying.
• Art No : 0530933

Camlin manufactures art materials, marker pens, fountain pens, inks, pencils, and other stationery products. The company is well known for its pens in India. Camlin is a very popular stationery brand in producing artist materials including water colour, oil paints, pastels, acrylics, inks, pencils etc. for both artists and students.

Kokuyo and Camlin came together to create Kokuyo Camlin Limited. Kokuyo is a Japan-based company with more than a 100-year-old history. It is a leading marketer in stationery, institutional furniture, and catalogue sales and has its presence in many countries throughout Asia.

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