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• Avis jazz drums set for your kids do your kids love music do you want to help them develop their music skills from a very young age. sanchi creation

• Avis incorporation presents you with the 13 piece kids drum set a jazz instrument kit.

• That includes 1 bass drum 2 small drums 1 cymbal 2 drum sticks and 1 drum stool this may be a toy however it is so realistic and well made that it looks like an actual professional drum set.

• Encourage your child towards music step by step guide is printed on the outer box for assembling this jazz drum set.

• Avis presents stylish Drum set, a wonderful gift for young musicians as it will not only help them learn the skills of music on a drum, but will give the opportunity for home concerts.

• This amazing drum set comes with a drum set and a stool!

• It helps cultivate keen interest in music as your kid creates his own music master pieces!

• Product code : 3034

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