Belkin 6 Socket Surge Protector (F9E600zb) (Grey, 1.5 m)

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• Safeguard your computers, peripherals and household electronics from voltage fluctuations. Connect them to this Belkin 3-socket Surge Protector.
• Guardian of Your Electrical Equipment
• With a 420 joule energy rating, this surge protector safeguards your devices and electrical equipment from voltage fluctuations.
• Its fast response time of less than 1 nanosecond makes it a reliable protector for electronics.
• Its 1.5 m chord gives you the freedom to position the protector or your devices the way you want.
• The Belkin Essential Series F9E600zb 6 Socket Surge Protector comes with its endurance capability for up to 13000 Amp maximum spike current or 420 joules surge energy.
• The Surge Protector allows you to safeguard your computers, peripherals, domestic appliances, electrical equipments and more against high voltage levels.
• The three-socket Surge Protector offers you a cost-effective solution to connect up to three of your devices and protect these simultaneously.
• Moreover, the Belkin F9E600zb grounds AC power for all the 6 sockets with 3-line protection.
• This protector’s lightweight design facilitates easy portability.
• Grounds AC power with 3-line protection through all 6 sockets
• Delivers power through a 2-metre, heavy duty cables
• Maximum Spike Current: 13,000 Amps
• Product code : F9E500zb2M-GRY

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