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• "Brain Boosters 4" is a game of simple questions in picture form to stimulate young minds.

• It helps children to develop essential early learning skills so that they can understand various curriculum related concepts in most enjoyable way.

• The set consists of 12 Wipe-Clean laminated cards printed both sides having 22 'Question Sheets' with different activities and 2 'Answer Sheets'.

• The child is required to complete different activities covering various topics such as Compound words, Action words, Rhyming words, Same-Different, Contrasting Sizes, Things made by Nature or Man, Nature to Home, Understanding different Materials, Transport, Characteristics of Fruits & Vegetables using the 'Special Pencil' provided with the game.

• They may check their own work from given answer sheets and wipe-clean to try again if they have missed something.

• The activities help children in individual learning, communication, and develop their understanding about language, numeracy, general science and other school subjects.

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