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• Using the puzzle pieces children identify and match the body parts at the correct places on the body while Mix n Match cards teach them about different clothes as per the weather and activities.

• In this way children improve their vocabulary related to their science curriculum and practice their tactile and visual discrimination skills.

• Children will love taking-apart and putting together interlocking pieces of this Colourful puzzle!.

• The Product You Might Receive Can Vary in Color. Product may appear slightly darker or lighter than the image due to screen settings and resolution.

• Ref no. 0430

Since 1988, Creative's has been making teacher-created, child-tested products to boost confidence, teach basic skills, and inspire joy of learning in children between the age group of 2 to 14 years. Their range widely covers all the fields of education and are known for effectiveness, durability, fair price and safety. Creative's a Trendsetter : They are the originator of many products which have become standards in the educational industry. Creative's is dedicated to make Education a fun-filled and enjoyable experience as they believe that Creative Toys Make Creative Kids

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