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• “Math Memory- Multiplication” has been designed to help children increase their memory and mathematical skills in an enjoyable way.

• Children will practice and master multiplication skills with the help of various matching activities and games given in the Activity Guide.

• By using 60 large sturdy ‘Problem Cards’ and ‘Solution/Answer Cards’ the children will: 1. Match Multiplication problem cards (up to 20) with their corresponding answer cards. 2. Match Multiplication ‘Problem Cards’ (21 to 50) with their corresponding ‘Answer Cards’.

• Ref No. 0244

Since 1988, Creative's has been making teacher-created, child-tested products to boost confidence, teach basic skills, and inspire joy of learning in children between the age group of 2 to 14 years. Their range widely covers all the fields of education and are known for effectiveness, durability, fair price and safety. Creative's a Trendsetter : They are the originator of many products which have become standards in the educational industry. Creative's is dedicated to make Education a fun-filled and enjoyable experience as they believe that Creative Toys Make Creative Kids

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