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• Doms Colour pencils are the most prefered colouring tools used by sharp minds to create a rich & luminous depth to their paintings.
• Available in 12/24 bright colours.
• These pencils are waxy & full of pigment.
• Perfect for blending and experimenting different art strokes.
• Soft wood for smooth sharpening.
• Hexagonal colour pencils.
• Accurate bonding process.
• Doms Product range comprises of Wooden Graphite Pencils, Wooden Colour Pencils, Polymer-Graphite Pencils, Polymer Colour Pencils, Pencil Sharpeners, PVC free & Phthalate free Erasers, Mathematical & Drawing Instruments, Ballpoint Pens and wide range of Student Art Material.
• Colour Pencils for Art and Drawing.
• Different Colours Available.

A pioneer in stationery manufacturing, DOMS Industries Private Limited, as we know it today, was founded in 1975 with a commitment to operational excellence and providing superior value to its customers and trade partners, as its founding principles.DOMS manufactures and markets a wide range of Stationeries and ArtMaterial including: Pencil & Accessories | Drawing & Colouring | Mathematical Drawing Instruments | Paper Stationery | Pen & Writing Instruments | Gifting | Marker Pens | Crafts & Hobbyist | Fine Art

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