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• EKTA present 10 in 1 cross stitch kit for girls above age 8 .for knitting purpose.

• Won't you like your child to spend her time creating beautiful pieces of art and picking up the skill of stitching.

• The Stitch Craft kit can introduce your child to the pleasures of using a needle and thread.

• Cross-stitch is the easiest and first stitch that children can pick up in their early years.

• You can also try your hand at this creative activity along with your kid.

• This stitch craft kit contains a book that will give you ideas for creating easy patterns and beautiful designs to start with, so that you will see the true and simple pleasure of creativity.

• Multiple attachments contains 2 plastic mesh, 8 colours of woollen yarn, crystal style beeds, silver colour beeds , plastic mirror, sewing needle, metal key ring , metal necklace fastner,brooch pin, stretchy hair ties, silver colour elastic, and easy to do instructions.

• Add a touch of glamour to your creations with the sparkly crystals and shiny silver beads. each project has detailed "easy to follow" stitching patterns and instructions.

• Product code : EK-317

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