Ekta 5 In 1 Diy Super Slime Factory Making Kit

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• Dip your hands and get messy with the Slime making kit!

• Mix and match the chemicals to get the right squishy slime.

• Kids can perform these experiments and learn some basic concepts in polymer science.

• With this kit, your child can make different types of slime and have fun with the gooey slime.

• It is a fun and innovative approach to introduce your child to science.

• All the experiments are safe and non hazardous.

• Follow the simple instructions and have fun with the colorful slime.

• Make different types of slime at home with mixing simple chemicals.

• Contains all the materials, ingredients, tools, activity guide to conduct the activities at home.

• The materials and chemicals used in the kit are non toxic and safe for children.

• 5 in one Slime is the type of Slime that you are looking for.

• Experiment with glitter, glow color metallic and foam bead Slime.

• The kit contains 4 bottles Slime blue 50 ml each and one bottle Slime activator and one measuring beaker and four storage cups with lids and for mixing bowls and glitter sticks and two pippetes and plastic spoon and 6 pots of colours and detailed instructions.

• It is absolutely safe for your child, so get super slimy with this super fun and safe Slime making kit.

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