Ekta Slime Lab

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• Educational Slime making kit set tools for learning purpose of students and all.

• The experiments will introduce kids to the world of polymers.

• The kids can learn the properties of polymers while they perform the experiments.

• It is a fun and innovative approach to introduce your child to science.

• All the experiments are safe and non-hazardous. However, adult supervision is preferred.

• Encourage the young scientist to experiment with this kit.

• Interesting Educational Slime making kit tools for learning purpose of students and all.

• Make Your Own Fanstic Yucky Slime.

• This is the wonderful awesome entertainment for your little one. It's a Learning game for children's.

• Improves children's practical ability. Make fun while playing. Best suitable for kids over age 8 years.

• Best birthday Diwali Christmas gift for your beloved Childs and for another occasions.

• CONTENTS: Contents : 2 Bottles slime glue, 1 Bottle slime activator, Measuring beaker, 2 Cups with lids, 3 Mixing bowls, Glitter powder, Wooden sticks, 2 Pipettes, Plastic spoon, 6 Pots of colours and detailed instructions.

• Product code : Ek-347

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