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• A fascinating magician’s kit with instruction and accessories for performing 101 tricks!

• A fantastic magic trick set that includes 101 professional caliber tricks for beginners that are easy to master.

• Young Magicians will improve their confidence and fine motor skills as they amaze their family and friends with the exciting tricks and illusions.

• Type: Party & Fun Games. No. of Players: 1 Player. 101 Amazing magic tricks.

• A race to become the world's greatest magician!

• This set include some famous classic tricks like the Magic clips, shooting stars, Mystic number, The cups & balls, Clinging Wand, Incredible money paddle, Vanishing knot, Moving match box etc.

• For performing these tricks successfully you need to follow enclosed instructions carefully, practice each trick thoroughly & keep the rules of the game.

• Product code : EK-286

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