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• An exciting game that will help in building your cognitive and color recognition skills.

• Brick Burst is also a fantastic game that improves your mathematical skills.

• Now, you can do all this, the fun way only with the Brick Burst game.

• Build your child’s cognitive and conative skills with the Funskool Brick Burst Board Game.

• Bring home this exciting and stimulating Brick Burst Board Game from Funskool that is sure to provide your child with hours of fun and entertainment.

• Place all the coloured bricks in the unit and roll the number and colour dice together.

• Hold the two pushing sticks in your hands (two player game), and get ready, set and go!

• Punch out all the bricks that match the colour on the colour dice and also the ones that are multiples of the number on the number dice on to your opponent’s side.

• Roll the dice repeatedly for more punching fun.

• There are forty right different coloured bricks that can be punched into.

• Recommended for children above the age of 7 years, this game improves your child’s colour recognition skills and mathematical skills.

• Product code : 9603000

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