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• 2-In-1 travel board game make your child's boring weekends more interesting with the Funskool Travel chess and draughts set.

• This 2-in-1 board game includes two popular board games, which will keep your kid productively occupied for hours.

• It is ideal for long train journeys and car trips, ensuring fun-filled moments with friends and family.

• As it is made of high-quality plastic, It is durable.

• Sharpens strategic and analytical thinking the travel chess and draughts game by Funskool is suitable for children aged eight years and up.

• It helps in improving your child's problem-solving and strategic thinking skills.

• Planning and making different strategic moves will keep them completely engrossed.

• You can also join them for a game and spend some quality time bonding with them.

• This game also helps in enhancing your child's memory and concentration.

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