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• Baby animals need a lot of love and doting care from their mothers.

• They would grow sad and lonely without them. Help them stay happy and together, with the Funskool Memory Animal Family.

• Inculcate a love for animals and wildlife in your children with the Memory Animal Family.

• The Memory Animal family is designed for boys and girls who are three years old and above.

• This fun-filled game involves an errand by matching the baby animals with their parent animals, such as a lioness with her cub and a cat with her kitten and so on.

• This amazing game can be played by more than one player at a time.

• Ensure fun-filled evenings with this informative and mentally stimulating game and watch your little ones emerge triumphant as they succeed in making the right matches.

• The Funskool Memory Animal Family is beneficial to your children as it helps improve their analytical skills, hand eye coordination and also in sharpening their cognitive development.

• The Funskool Memory Animal Family is a fun game that has been developed and manufactured with education in mine.

• The set is great as a game for young kids who love to learn about animals through play.

• The children get to learn about the animals through a fun and innovative manner.

• The cards come with the animal name set alongside the picture so that it becomes easy for children to associate the words with the pictures.

• They can even take turns in matching the young ones with their associated parents.

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