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• Play a wonderful and intriguing game of chess with your children and have some splendid family moments with this board game from Funskool.

• A fun and entertaining game, this classic game helps your children to strategize.

• The king of Funskool Chess Board Game measures 63mm and is an important player in the game.

• Provides extraordinary broad range of challenge and entertainment

• The objective of the game is to kill the opponent's king and win the game. once a player is a checkmate, it means that player cannot make any more moves without getting his king killed, thus ending the game.

• This game comes with a 63mm king and a wide chess board so your child can conveniently move the pawns around.

• Each unique piece has to be moved differently, making the game more interesting.

• This fun, educational chessboard game is engaging for the entire family and makes a splendid gift for birthdays.

• Product code : 9414000

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