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• Bring home this innovative and fun-filled bundle of excitement to enrich your children’s vocabulary.

•Unleash the power of the mighty alphabet, with the new Funskool Word Plus.

• The Funskool word plus is guaranteed to usher in hours of mental stimulation and some deep thinking for your children.

• This game is designed exclusively for boys and girls who are six years and older.

• The Funskool Word Plus game can played by more than two players at a time.

• With the help of the Word Plus, your children will develop their vocabulary, diction and an enhanced knowledge of new words in the dictionary.

• The Funskool Word Plus features four set of tiles, with each set consisting of twenty six alphabet tiles and two blanks.

• Along with it, this amazing game also features four set of extra vowel tiles consisting of the vowels-a, e, i, o, u.

• The real challenge of the interesting Funskool World Plus lies in the fact that, you need to form a combination using only one set of alphabets.

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