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• Funskool toys are the ideal choice for your kids. Funskool “stack a car” is a lovely toy to bring a cute smile on the little one's face.

• It's a brightly coloured toy, which appears to be very attractive to the child.

• At the same time, it keeps the child engaged during their playtime.

• Make way for a car with many possibilities.

• It comes with three compartments each of which can be taken out separately.

• They can be fixed back when the shapes are matched.

• This helps the child recognize shapes and also in hand-eye co-ordination.

• The detachable wheels with different shapes add to the fun.

• The car put together can be pulled along for a jolly ride and press the car top for squeaks.

• Toddlers aging above 9 months consider this toy as an interesting item to play with all the time.

• This stack a car toy is very safe to play with. It is so because high standards are maintained while designing this exciting toy.

• This push and pull along toy, with bright colour, lends visual stimulation.

• It's a wonderful product to keep the family members free of worries while letting the child play with this attractive toy.

• Product code : 1073300

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