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• Stack Nest And Explore The Colourful Pieces.

• Can Make A Pyramid Or Inverse Pyramid. Great For Learning About Colour And Developing Matching Skill.

• Improves Your Child's Reactions And Develops Balancing Skill.

• Stack and Nest Toy presents a set of stacker to encourage your toddler's fine motor skills with these bright barrels in graduated sizes!

• These are easy to grasp barrels nest inside each other so kids can explore size relationships and discover the different ways objects fit together.

• The stack and nest barrels provide plenty of hands on fun and are great for learning colors too.

• Stack, nest and explore the colorful pieces.

•Stimulate the Senses: Bright colors stimulate visual development

• Enhances Learning Through Discovery: Helps baby recognize and identify colors and sizes

• Grasping rings together strengthens eye-hand co-ordination & fine motor skills

• Stacking of rings and stacking with connecting barrels

• Create tower with the brightly colored cubes Pack includes 3 in 1 fun stacking and nesting toy set.

• Product code : 1073000

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