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• Since the time man has been able to accurately record his events and accomplishments, history books have been filled with tales of conflict, war and battle.

• Historians speak fondly and admiringly of great war hero's, and commanders, who’ve been able to steer their troops to victory and success.

• However, after you take a crack at the Funskool Stratego Original Board Game, history books will have to be amended, for a new master of battle strategy, you.

• Surely anyone with a curious, imaginative yet logical mind won’t be able to resist the challenge of controlling an army as commander-in-chief, in this logic and strategy based game of battle.

• The Stratego Board Game challenges players to control the different ranks of their army, to break through the lines of their opponent’s and capture their flag.

• Use your sense of tact to deploy your troops in the appropriate areas while maintaining the codes of secrecy.

• However, as with any battle, you’ll have to be vigil for bombs, enemy spies trying to get your secrets and even an infiltrator hoping to cause some mayhem.

• The board game is ideal for children aged 8 years and above, or for anyone with a penchant for strategy based games.

• The game is intended for two players.

• Product code : 4960100

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