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• Challenge a friend to disc dropping fun with this classic game of strike 4.

• The super simple fun two player game that anyone can play.

• Players take turns to drop one of their coloured discs in the column of their choice to make 4 in a row.

• Sounds simple, it’s not. Strategically drop your discs to try and stop the other players from getting too close to, 4 in a row, by blocking them with your own discs.

• Spend some quality family time with your kids with this strategy game from Funskool that will result in laughs and learning.

• Strategy Game The Original Game of Connect 4 Board Game is designed to enhance logical thinking without taxing the child’s brains with unnecessary funda.

• Checker Dropping The game is played by dropping checkers into slots one by one and complete a row of four first, providing ultimate challenges in interpretive analysis and advance planning.

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