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• Solving Equations Can Be Exciting. Solve The Board Using The 49 Tiles That Is Numbered On Both Sides.

• Solve One Row At A Time By Placing The Numbered Tiles To Complete The Equation.

• However, During Game Play One Might Have To Constantly Keep Interchanging Or Flipping The Tiles To Ensure That The Equations Are Meaningfully Solved.

• For Those Who Love Taking Challenges With Numbers, This Arithmetic Board Game Is Mind-Bending And Fun That Will Give Sense Of Accomplishment.

• From The Manufacturer: Brain Gym: Making Equations Can Be A Challenge.

• Seven Year Olds Can Begin Making Equations Using Addition And Subtraction But Older Children Can Get More Points Using Division Or Fraction Tiles.

• Collaborative Game Play For Kids: A Game Play Built Around Cooperation And Collaboration.

• Develop Math Equations As You Build Arithmetic Skills Of Addition, Subtraction, Division And Multiplication.

• Math Time Equal To Fun Family Time: Lots Of Fun For The Entire Family.

• Perfect Way To Spend An Evening Bonding Over Math And Fun.

• Early Learning Kit And Brain Builder: Improves Strategic Thinking Of Kids To Make Bigger Equations Using Bodmas.

• Perfect Game For Kids: Best Educational Game For Boys And Girls Age 7 And Up.

• Product code : 9939200

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