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• India is a vast country with a rich cultural heritage.

• It is necessary for kids to be aware of different regions of our beautiful country from academics point of view also.

• We have designed this board game with the objective of imparting knowledge to the kids about various cities towns, monuments such as forts & palaces, institutions and religious shrines, national parks and tourism importance associated with these places.

• Important locations from all the corners of the country have been included.

• The play way method of this board game makes the kids interested in topics.

• Each question card carries 5 questions from 5 different regions of our country, The North, The south, the east, the west and central India & Union territories.

• Depending upon the figure displayed by the dice, the question pertaining to that particular region would be asked. In between the question & answer round, you have the picture puzzle round.

• After finishing the picture puzzle round for a particular region.

• You win the tickets for a tour of the particular region.

• The 1st player to complete the q&a round and the picture puzzle round would the Golden Toy crown and 2nd player would be awarded a silver toy trophy.

• The rules have been explained in detail in the instruction sheet inside.

• Even the parents & grand parents would also enjoy this game.

• So what are you waiting for. Let the journey to the travel quiz begin.

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