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• This Battleship board game is the classic game of naval combat that brings together competition, strategy, and excitement!

• In head-to-head battle, 2 players search for the enemy's fleet of ships and destroy them one by one.

• With convenient portable battle cases and realistic looking naval crafts, the Battleship game puts players right in the middle of the action.

• Players command a powerful fleet that includes an aircraft carrier, a destroyer, a submarine, a patrol boat, and a battleship.

• Each player announces the coordinates of each strike and sees if it hits.

• Position ships strategically to survive an opponent's relentless strikes, and track hits and misses with red and white pegs on the ocean grid.

• No ship is safe in this game of stealth and suspense.

• Kids ages 7 and up can enjoy playing the Battleship classic board game. It's a great indoor activity.

• Kids ages 7 and up can enjoy playing this classic game of naval combat

• This Battleship board game is easy to store and take on the go

• In this classic Battleship game for 2 players, sink an opponent's ships for the win

• The Battleship board game comes with a Salvo feature that lets advanced players launch multiple attacks

• This strategy game is the ultimate search-and-destroy mission: call a shot and fire

• Includes 2 portable battle cases, 10 plastic ships, 84 red "hit" pegs, 168 white "miss" pegs

• Product code : E8260

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