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• In The Game of Life game players choose a path and move their car tokens around the gameboard from Start to Retirement.

• Who is headed for wealth and fortune? Pick a path for a life of action, unexpected surprises, and unexpected surprises, but spend cash wisely because the wealthiest player at the end wins the game.

• The Game of Life game is full of surprises

• Choose a path for a life of action, adventure, and unexpected surprises

• Make life choices - Go to college or start a career. Get married and start a family? Take the risky road or play it safe?

• Where will you retire? - Go through life’s ups and downs until you retire. Wealthiest player wins!

• Family game - Exciting for adults and kids ages 9 and up to play

• One-time assembly - Assemble once and store it as is for an easy start the next time

• Includes gameboard, spinner (base ring and dial), 6 car tokens, pink and blue “people” pegs, 1 bridge, 1 label sheet, 3 mountains, bankers tray, 25 life tiles, 7 buildings, 24 spin to win tokens, spin to win strip, 55 cards, money pack, bank loan and pay raise cards, instructions.

• Product code : E8277

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