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• Add a twist of fun to a party or family night with the classic game that ties players up in knots!

• One person gives the spinner a whirl -- see what's next as players try to keep their hands and feet on the mat. Right foot red!

• Who can do it? Left foot green – who's got it? If a player's knee or elbow touches the mat or falls over, they're out.

• The last player standing wins!

• The Twister game challenges players to put their hands and feet at different places on the mat without falling over.

• Remember playing the Twister game when you were a kid? Featuring classic Twister gameplay, the last player standing wins in this active game for ages 4 and up.

• When kids need an indoor activity to get their wiggles out, this classic Twister game can be a fun choice.

• The Twister game instructions include rules for playing in teams including tips for having a Twister game tournament.

• Players ages 4 and up can have a lot of fun as they try to keep their hands and feet on the mat; it's a fun and active game for parties and family time.

• Product code : E8271

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