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• Calligraphy is a classic style of writing that conjures up images of fountain pens and old block-style fonts. • The carefully swirling ink is reminiscent of a bygone era when people took the time to handwrite beautiful letters in flowing script. • Now, calligraphy is experiencing a fashionable resurgence as people want to step back and learn the slow art of lettering. • The Brush Marker Lettering & Calligraphy Kit takes everything we know and love about calligraphy into the modern day. • Featuring a huge 8 brush markers in the kit, as well as a 48-page instructional book and a 32-page sketchbook that discusses all the tips and tricks to creating stunning, modern calligraphic fonts. • In the 48-page instructional book, calligraphy teacher & Master Penaman Joanna china introduces you to the basic principles of brush-marker lettering & calligraphy, teaching you four different calligraphy styles, complete with directional arrows & strokes for all upper-case & lower-case letters & instructions on how to join them into words. • Once you master size & proportion, spacing, line weights, strokes & more, Joanna converts these rules into hands-on practical activities with step-by-step instructions that will give you the skills to create your own artwork. • The book includes instructions for 8 stunning brush-marker calligraphy projects using the templates in the 32-page sketchbook provided, as well as 8 brush markers, a pencils & a kneadable eraser , giving you everything you need to make beautiful, practical creations right away.

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