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• Mapology World AR comes with a free mobile application which allows a user to scan a puzzle piece and learn more about it.

• In their 'screen free' time, kids can still enjoy solving the puzzle with country shaped puzzle pieces and play with the flags and capitals.

• It has 5 play modes like solve the puzzle, match the flags, explore and discover various countries and quiz modes - master and time challenge.

• The app lets you scan 65 countries from the world (please refer to the complete list of countries that can be scanned in the product images).

• Scanning a country shows several cool facts like it's location, landmarks, animals, food and lots more!

• This play set not only presents with world of social science to young kids in a fun way but also help build great skills like curiosity & learning, problem solving and eye-hand coordination.

• The Mapology app is compatible on Android and iPhone mobile devices only.

• For Android Mobile Device: Android v.6 and above, Min. 2 GB RAM. For iPhone Mobile Device: iOS v.11 and above- iPhone 6S Plus and above. Currently the App is not available for IPad and Android Tablets.

• Contains: 2 Foam Puzzle Frames, 75 Country Pieces, 65 Flags, Sticker Sets, Scanning Pad, Instructions, Activation Code.

• Art No. MP19

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