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• Stamp Art presents a new colouring and painting activity for kids.

• Just add colour to the stampers using the stamp pens or the stamp pads, stamp it on to any paper and keep creating!

• This activity kit for 3 year olds provides for mess free play as the child does not have to use any paint which would make the floor or table messy like in sponge painting.

• Plus with the Stamp Pens the kids have a lot more control on their design and are able to use their imaginations to make lovely multi-coloured designs on the same stamp itself!

• Simply swipe the Stamp Pen on the stamps and effortlessly imprint the adorable animal designs. Then just wash and reuse again and again.

• This colours set for kids comes with a combination of stamps and pens that are Easy Blending - now,creating beautiful blends and patterns is child's play.

• A new way of stamp art - say goodbye to messy paint with our mess free Stamp Pens.

• These stamps can also be used in cool crafts like card making, scrapbooking and lots more.

• Items included in package : 12 Stamps, 12 Design Scenes, 4 Stamp Pens, 1 Crayon Set

• Art No. SA02

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