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• Be it a usual day or a festive season, add some spark to your indoors with the IRIS Green Tea and Bamboo Oz Jar Candle.

• The purest of wax and an exotic blend of essential oils are brought together to create the most exquisite handcrafted aroma candle.

• Apart from uplifting the vibe of your interiors, the trendy glass jar candle keeps the area smoke-free and casts the fresh woody scent of green tea leaves and bamboo stalks over your interiors.

• The crisp and subtle scent of tea leaves and bamboo plants gives your home a fresh feel of upliftment.

• The clean, dewy and woody aroma also makes you feel close to nature.

• The wick of the IRIS Green Tea and Bamboo Oz Jar Candle is tethered to a piece of metal to stop it from floating to the top of the molten wax. This stops the wick from burning out before the wax does.

• Our smokeless aromatic candles are designed to suit any occasion.

• We have the utmost regard for our environment and adhere to planet positivity, which is why we are a certified carbon-neutral organization.

• We also ensure that our products meet the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) standards so that our customers can rest assured of their safety.

• Suggested placement : Bedroom, Study room /Home office, Living room & Dining room.

• Product code : IRAC8004GB

The year after India won its independence, Sri. N. Ranga Rao founded N. Ranga Rao & Sons, and Cycle Pure Incense Sticks. This brand has now blossomed into one of the biggest household names in the country, and is the largest selling incense stick brand in the world. Ripple Fragrances, the spatial fragrance division of N. Ranga Rao & Sons was founded in the year 2004. Manufacturing personal care, AirCare and Lifestyle AirCare products, Ripple made a mark for itself in the Fragrance Industry within a short period. IRIS, founded in 2008, is a brand of Ripple Fragrances’. IRIS Home Fragrances has pioneered the nascent Home Fragrance market in India and is now the leading player. It has achieved this position by launching exotic fragrances coupled with innovative fragrance delivery systems. We are also proud to declare that all our fragrances are blended by master perfumers, and are engineered to work well with the climatic conditions of the country. The IRIS dream is to provide sensory delight through fragrance and form.

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