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• Mattel Junior Scrabble Crossword Game allows the kids to have fun by connecting letters on the board that has many interesting images.

• They enjoy creating words of their own. Playing this scrabble game is very easy.

• Turn over the board and ask the little ones to turn the letters into words.

• The colourful and attractive pictures are there to guide the little ones to make words.

• In this type of game, kids are found crossing the words in order to reach the squares that are coloured.

• This amazing word-building game allows the little ones in various ways.

• Apart from having fun, they can strengthen their spelling and vocabulary skills.

• It also helps in improving their concentration level.

• Besides, it assists in the development of logical thinking ability of the little ones.

• Mattel Scrabble Junior Educational Game is a board game for kids Colourful pictures help turn the letters into words.

• Flip the board over and older children can enjoy making words all by themselves.

• In this simplified scrabble game children cross words and try to reach the coloured squares.

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