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• Primes surfaces and adds a high level of tooth for maximum colour adhesion and stability.
• Gives a transparent matte finish which allows the original surface to show through and provides a professional standard, archival base to help maintain the longevity of your work.
• Stiffens your canvases and creates the optimum absorbency for paint application.
• Establishes a suitable surface for preliminary charcoal or pencil drawings.
• Fully intermixable with all Liquitex products.
• Use undiluted or thin with up to 25% water - when thinning more than 25%, use an equal mixture of water and Liquitex Matte Medium.
• ART.NO. B007218

Liquitex is a US company that supplies art materials, focusing exclusively on the development, manufacture, and distribution of acrylic paints. The company offers the largest number of acrylic paint products in the world.
All Liquitex products are formulated by a unique team of chemists and artists. This combination allows us to make the most versatile ranges of intense, highly-loaded, permanent colours possible. Liquitex is the only acrylic paint brand to offer four uniquely different ranges of professional acrylic colour to suit the needs of the artist. That in mind, range-specific handling characteristics are established so that each Liquitex paint feels just right – never too sticky or slippery. The low-odor acrylic resin base represents the latest in acrylic resin technology, offering increased open time and producing colours of great clarity.

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