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• Lock & Lock are the originators of the 100% air and liquid-tight food storage container concept, with the distinctive snap-down locking hinges and silicone seal which allows your food to stay fresh for longer.
• The four-hinged lids have each been tested to open and close more than 3 million times, to guarantee reliability, and the hollow silicone seal in the rim of the lid has superior compression and restoration properties to ensure an airtight seal.
• Lock & Lock have manufactured these containers with their unique clip locking hinges for securing and opening the lid with ease.
• Lock & Lock storage containers have a unique stacking design which can create up to 40% more space in your fridge freezer or cupboard.
• Lock & Lock containers have endless uses around the home, not just for food storage i.e. Kid & toys, in the garage, diy, sewing, first aid, organizing drawers, etc, etc.
• These airtight containers are quite simply the best solution for food storage on the market. Lock & Lock stackable storage containers are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.
• Package Contents: 1-Piece Rectangular Butter box Container with Tray (460ml)
• Product code : HPL814T

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