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• Keep your fridge mess and clutter free by organizing it with this Plastic Refrigerator Airtight Container .
• You can save space with its stackable design.
• Each container can be used individually as well as a part of the set.
• You can store all types of leftovers in this airtight containers without losing the freshness of the food.
• Each container is safe for use in the fridge, even under the lowest temperatures.
• The airtight seal creates a vacuum, keeping the contents fresh and cool for long.
• The plastic body is highly durable and does not bend, warp, chip or break. Maintenance is easy with regular hand washing and cleaning.
• 4 side locking that locks twice presents the most astonishing sealing compared to other brand products.
• 12 fields including safety, sealing, durability, lid’s open/close function, microwave usage and cleaning manageability.
• You can use our products in daily life not only for food storage but also for item organizer, medicine box or camera lens bag as they come in various shapes including round, square, rectangular, long vertical and column type and various sizes from 100ml of small one to large storage containers.
• Package Contents: 1-Piece Rectangle Food Container (1.1 ltr)
• Product code : HPL815D

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