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• Your child’s new school year had begun and you are planning to go shopping for a new lunch box that enables you to pack them a healthy lunch every day.
• As this Semi-transparent Lunch Box is a combination of hygiene and functionality, it is bound to encourage your child to look forward for their lunch time every day.
• Coming with one Lunch Box, the Lock & Lock Polypropylene Lunch Box keeps the food fresh and edible for a long duration.
• In addition, your child will now not have to worry about the food getting spoiled, as this Lock & Lock Lunch Box is designed to preserve the freshness of your food.
• In addition, coming with a capacity of 180 ml, this Polypropylene Lunch Box can hold a variety of food with ease.
• Made from Polypropylene, this Lunch Box is sturdy enough to last for a long time, without experiencing any kind of wear and tear.
• This Lock & Lock Lunch box is easily portable and fits perfectly into your child’s school bag.
• The Lunch Box is also Leak-Resistant, thereby preventing any mess while carrying around.
• 4-side of locking system makes it possible to be airtight due to equal pressure to all 4 sides.
• It is made up of superior raw material with durability and heat-resistant ability which is friendly to the human body.
• Stacking system aims to help space saving. The design of the containers enables excellent space saving in the refrigerator, freezer, cupboard and drawers.
• Product code : HPL805

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