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• Most purified container we ever made.
• Excellent solutions for food storage.
• One of the world's leading food storage container manufactures.
• Supplying the highest quality products "Lock & Lock" airtight containers for food storage.
• The containers are scientifically designed for stacking both upward and sideways to save space on the shelf.
• Space saving & multipurpose stackable airtight container.
• Lock & Lock containers are guaranteed leak-proof airtight and watertight with our patented four-hinge locking system and silicone sealing lid.
• This assures food to stay fresh longer and keeps contents in containers secure.
• Can be used in the microwave, freezer and dishwasher (top rack only).
• Whether it is storing leftovers or packing lunch, Lock & Lock are convenient to use around the kitchen or for any other household needs.
• Wide variety of unique, stackable designs allows you to save space in your cabinets, refrigerator, and freezer.
• Our containers are made from high quality materials that makes them long-lasting, strong and durable.
• Cultivate a healthy lifestyle and save space, food and money by investing in some Lock & Lock.
• Product code : HPL811

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