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• Educational Electro Activity Toy For Kids this educational electro board game for children.

• It's a fun learning game. On the Electro-cards, there are questions on the other side they have the correct answers.

• A question is asked by putting the plug in one side into the hole under the question, and the answer to it should be found on the other side of the card.

• Put the plug into the hole under the answer, and if the answer is correct, then the light under it will glow.

• Make your kids learn the things in an easy and advanced way which they will enjoy doing it.

• The combo has a maharaja educational electro which blinks the light on every right answer.

• It has an electronic board with the images of animals, fruits, flowers, vegetables, vehicle and transport, leaders of India, opposites and flags of nations.

• On every right answer the light will blink which kids enjoy doing.

• Gifting a combo like this is to give them a new way to learn about general knowledge.

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