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• UNO® has a new best friend, DOS™! In this fun game, two is more important than one and numbers are king!

• To start, there are two piles in the middle of the participants, and on each player’s turn they can play on both piles with either one or two cards.

• In a fun twist, if a player has two cards that add up to the number of the card in the center pile, they are able to put down both cards.

• Just like UNO®, DOS™ is a race to get rid of your cards before your competitors do.

• The first person to 200 points is the winner! And in a fun twist, now when you’re down to two cards, don’t forget to yell “Dos!” has a 108-card deck plus instructions.

• This classic card game invites two to ten players to challenge each other as individuals or on teams.

• Toy No. : FRM36

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