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• Copper Coating: The copper coating provides heat retention which makes it more convenient and user-friendly since it prevents the beverages from getting cold or any alterations of temperature for long hours.

• Leakage-Proof: The flasks are leakage proof which provides a hassle-free utility to the user since one does not need to worry about the mess caused by seepage.

• Convenient Storage: The flask is convenient to store enough beverage for the day. Moreover, the compact size and leak-proof lid makes it ideal for carrying anywhere.

• Vacuum Insulated: These jars from Treo by Milton sport a unique lid design that has a see-through top. This functional design allows one to view the content of the jar from above.

• Stainless Steel Material: The stainless steel material makes it durable and does not let the flask lose its stylish outlook which makes it attractive to the users in the first place.

• Threaded Lid: The threaded lid gives an easy way to the user since it does not allow any leakage and does not present any hassle in opening.

• ART.NO. TS-238


Founded in 1972, today Milton stands proudly with a legacy spanning over 50 years, along with an established network of 55,000 retailers and a host of strategically placed manufacturing units across the country. This fuels Milton to continually move forward, evolve and bring the winds of change to every household with its product range. Being one of the most celebrated homeware brands, Milton aims to provide high-quality products that solve consumer problems by continuously innovating, setting new standards and doing outstanding work.

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