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• This paint brush has used a heavier glue on where wood and bristles meet, so the ferrules don’t come off easily.
• The problem that hairs fall off has been bothering us for long time; however, we used a selection of high-quality nylon materials to minimize the possibility of hair loss.
• The 3 layers of coating and the heavy glue on the head of wood make it perfect for soaking in water for more than 48 hours.
• After finishing your work, you can easily just put them in the sink and wash it whenever you want. Handle color as per availability white , black or grey.
• To bring up fresh inspiration, Artify has selected 15 different shapes and sizes brushes as a set.
• They are liner, flat, angular, filbert, round, fan, and comb.
• The paintbrush set could satisfy you whatever detailed painting or largest coat applications, every stroke will come to life.
• More than just a convenient storage solution, the carry case can be used as a pop-up stand that lets you easily swap out brushes while you work.
• The carry case can also be folded shut and put safely in your backpack or carry bag.
• Explore your creative side and bring your ideas to life by creating a variety of art and craft projects.
• The wood material means you have a comfortable grip with this set, so you can paint for hours.
• Simply choose a brush from the extensive list included in the set, grab your canvas, draw from inspiration and get to work completing your project.

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