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• The Mont Marte Signature Acrylic paint set allows you to create a wide range of textures and painting styles.
• Acrylic is a versatile paint that can be mixed with mediums to create glazes or with water to create watercolour effects.
• These paints are heavy bodied which also makes them great for textured effects, brush marks and palette knife impressions.
• The Mont Marte Signature Acrylic paint set is suitable for artists and students looking for a convenient set for the studio, classroom or outdoor settings.
• Each tube in this set contains high quality pigments with a smooth consistency and high gloss finish.
• This acrylic paint set features a combination of warm and cool colours, including primary colours for easy mixing.
• The paint offers great covering power and lightfastness to ensure our artworks stay brighter for longer.
• Providing a beautiful range of colour, this acrylic paint set is suitable for beginner through to professional artists.
• The compact tubes are easy to transport outdoors or to the classroom.

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