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• These artist marker sets are equipped with brush tip(1-2mm) and firm fine tip(0.4mm). These double-pointed markers are a must for your next masterpiece.
• Bring professionalism to your everyday fine art with these durable pens that have flexible nylon fiber brush tips.
• Easily layer and mix different colours without worrying about smudges and blotches.
• 0.4mm fine tip is great for drawing lines & details, works well for intricate colouring books, writing, doodles.
• 1-6mm brush tip works well for colouring books, signing, design, art project and hand lettering.
• Water-based dye inks, odourless, non-toxic, colours can be dispersed and mixed with water.
• Adopts new and improved formula, the tip marks will surprise you with their drying speed.
• Great Gift for adults, teacher, beginners and For using in classroom, travel or used in the home and office.
• Perfect for adult colouring books, sketch, illustrations, drawing, notebook, signing, animation, graphic, art project and so on.

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