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• The Parker Vector Mettalix Ct Roller Ball Pen Is Stylish Pen That Cleverly Combines Stylish Looks With A Retro Design.
• The Streamlined Body Of The Parker Pen Tapers At The Writing End And Provides A Strong Grip To Write With.
• You Get A Free Multi-Purpose Swiss Knife With This Parker Pen.
• The Shiny Cap Of This Vector Mettalix Roller Ball Pen Comes With An Arrow-Shaped Clip Attached To It.
• You Can Easily Hook The Pen To Your Shirt Pocket When It Is Not Being Used.
• The Parker Brand Name Crafted At The Base Of The Cap Adds More Panache To The Overall Design Of This Pen.
• The Glossy Finish On The Surface Of The Mettalix Roller Ball Pen Looks Striking.
• The Parker Vector Ct Pen Comes With A Replaceable Roller Ball Refill That Can Be Easily Removed And Exchanged With A New One When It Runs Out Of Ink.
• The Strong Tip Of This Parker Ct Pen Writes Fine Lines And Helps In Improving Your Handwriting.
• The Continuous Flow Of Blue Ink From The Parker Pen Makes Sure That You Get An Uninterrupted Writing Experience When Working On Long Scripts.
• The Ergonomic Design Of The Parker Pen Allows You To Write For Hours At A Stretch Without Causing Any Stress On Your Hands.
• The Vector Mettalix Ct Pen Comes In Blister Packaging Which Keeps It Safe From Getting Damaged.
• The Parker Vector Mettalix Ct Pen Is One Of The Most Popular Models In The ParkerS Line Of Writing Instruments.

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