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• The house of Luxor introduces the all new Parker Vector Stainless Steel ball pen in the Vector Stainless Steel range of writing instruments.
• The tube shaped Parker pen tapers towards the writing end and provides a strong grip to write with.
• This Vector ball pen is made of durable steel which makes the pen very robust and strong.
• The lustrous chrome finish on the surface of the Parker Vector pen looks very attractive.
• The Stainless Steel pen comes with an arrow-shaped clip attached to the smartly designed cap, which allows you to hook the pen to your shirt pocket when it is not being used.
• The cap also features the Parker brand name fashionably crafted on it which adds to the overall design of this pen.
• The Parker Vector ball pen comes equipped with a replaceable ball point refill which can be easily swapped with a new one when it runs out of ink.
• The Parker Vector pen writes fine lines and provides a continuous flow of blue color ink while writing so that you get to write uninterruptedly when working on long scripts.
• Unlike with the conventional ball pens, the Parker Vector ball pen does not require extra pressure while writing.
• The Vector Stainless Steel ball pen helps in improving your handwriting.
• The Vector pen comes in blister packaging which protects it from dust and from minor falls or bumps.
• This Parker Vector Stainless Steel ball pen is one of the best ball pens available in the market.

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