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• One of the most famous party games for all ages, Pictionary from Mattel can only be a value addition to your board game collection with hours of guessing, gaming and guffaws guaranteed.
• Regardless of how old you are, a game of Pictionary will always be something that you will enjoy for trying to make your team-mates understand your squiggles is something that should lead to a lot of laughs.
• Making the game a wee bit more challenging is the timing system that comes with the board that gives you a certain number of minutes before which your team will have to guess the word.
• Pictionary Is The Game Of Quick Draw, Where Your Pencil Does The Talking, While You And Your Team Try To Guess The Words By Sketching Clues To Each Other.
• Prepared To Race Against The Clock! How Much Fun You Have Depends On Where You Draw The Line!
• The classic game of quick sketches and hilarious guesses now features a new board for faster game play

• Product code : 55845

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