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• 5 Plug Point Extension Strip 5 plug point extension strip with fuse and spark suppressor is a suitable device for all technology users.
• This useful tool includes fuse, switch light indicator, safety on/off switch, and good quality copper wire with 1.5mts of length.
• The product features surge protection which can be suitable for, DTH, DVD players, audio systems, FAX, EPBAX, computers, mobile chargers, etc.
• It comes in compact size which saves a lot of space and is made out of durable quality.
• The item has receiving input capacity of 230v 50hz and provides the same as output.
• Spike Guard with Surge Protector – Spike Guard with 5 Sockets and USB Ports – Extension Board with USB Sockets – Spike Guard with 1.5 Meter Cord / Cable – Extension Board with Surge Protector – Extension Board with 5 Feet Cord – White Spike Guard.
• There is a light indicator present in this extension chord. Therefore it can be easily identified whether the extension is switched on or off. Thus this extension chord is extremely convenient to use.
• This extension cord comes with a wire which is 1.5 Mts/5 Feet Long. Therefore this extension chord can be used to connect devices that are feet away from the main plug point.

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