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• Stainless Steel Craft Knife With An Extra-Sharp 30-Degree Blade.
• A Stylish Slim Craft Knife Is Ideal For Freehand
• Great tool for manually debarring edges for a clean finish.
• Rust-resistant, high-grade stainless steel holder will extend the life of your snap-off blade knife even in damp conditions.
• Snap off utility knife has an extra high-quality stainless steel sliding track which allows the blade to glide in and out smoothly.
• The ergonomic design fits your hands comfortably, whether you are right or left-handed.
• PenBlade makes cutting easier and more comfortable, and the experience is exactly the same, no matter which hand you use.
• Each blade is made from surgical-grade stainless steel, and precision-milled for ultimate sharpness and durability. Perfect for hobbyists, crafters, artists, fly fishing, first aid kits, auto tint installers, vinyl installation, scrapbooking, and more.
• Craft Blade can cut through all sorts of materials, including paper, plastic, wood, foam, metal, cardboard, fabric, film, leather, fondant, and more.

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