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• Puzzles are a good way of pacing up your child's cognitive development.

• Therefore, Ratnas has come up with this India Map Puzzle.

• This jigsaw puzzle is painted with child friendly colours.

• It contains 99 puzzle pieces, which the kids have to assemble in order to complete the India map.

• This educational puzzle is an excellent game for children above the age of 6 years, who finds it really interesting.

• Puzzles are great toys for a child as it helps with development, and its bright colours and interesting shapes help entice kids to put one together.

• Research shows that puzzles are an important tool in developing a child’s concentration.

• When a child’s concentration is developed, it opens doors for better understanding of skills and subjects later on in life.

• This puzzle is a great educational toy for kids and helps them learn that a whole is made of parts.

• The child will need to recognise the shapes of the puzzle pieces and place them accordingly.

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