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• Rajhans Block is an amazing interactive product that is brought to you by the famous brand Ratna's.

• This fixxo puzzle block will help you shape up the logical and problem solving skills of your children.

• It also helps to develop the other important nerve impulses like motor neurons and hand-eye co-ordinations.

• The presence of alphabets, vegetables, fruits gives additional fun.

• Presence of multiple colours makes the entire package look attractive and becomes an instant hit among the kids.

• It can be an excellent gift for children who are taking their first step towards pre-school.

• This engaging kit will keep your tiny tot busy for hours.

• The all new puzzles for your kids to play with and also analyse the fun full environment.

• The sets are suitable for ages above 3. Now fun and learn with alphabets, colours, numbers, and shapes.

• Children love combining shape and design blocks to create vegetables, animals, fruits, etc. Ratnas blocks game is an assortment of colourful blocks and alphabets with relevant illustrations and colours.

• There's more to this game than stacking and nesting, as these blocks are packed with extra learning.

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