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• Enjoy your favourite music while you exercise. The MDR-AS210 features adjustable loop hangers for a secure fit during sports, and a 1.2m cord that gives you room to move.
• Music sounds clear and detailed, thanks to the 13.5 mm drivers with optimized frequency range.
• Enjoy groovy tracks while you’re working out on these Sony Active Sports in-ear headphones.
• Featuring 13.5 mm high-sensitivity driver units and a frequency range of 17–22,000 Hz, these headphones offer crisp and clear sound quality.
• The adjustable loop hangers of these headphones give you a secure fit when you’re on the move.
• Since they are splash-proof, you don’t have to worry about a light drizzle or sweat.
• The inline microphone makes hands-free calling easy.
• These hangers clip to your ears securely so that these headphones do not come loose while exercising or doing physical activities.
• The sound from these headphones flows in and out from the back of the ear cups ensuring that you get to hear natural sounds.
• Model No. : MDR-AS210

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